RAP Session

An Alternative Source for Construction Aggregates

Construction aggregates are among the most basic of economic drivers.  Aggregates are the second most commonly consumed commodity by modern society; only water is more important to our way of life.  These commodities are responsible for building and maintaining our modern infrastructure including roads, building foundations, hospitals, bridges, pipelines, office buildings, schools and the like.  Without construction aggregates, our communities would quickly become decadent eye sores and all commerce would cease.  

Legislative Agenda Confirms the Aggregate Industry's Need for Effective Community Outreach

Written by Warren Coalson.

In early April 2016, I attended the CalCIMA legislative conference in Sacramento and walked away from the experience knowing we, as an industry, have to do more effective education and outreach. 

The Cost of Leadership

When asked to think about leadership as a cost item, you might think about the cost of hiring effective leadership for your company.  When I think of leadership, I think of the cost for NOT having effective leadership.  An airplane that varies from its course by a half degree in a 480 mile trip between San Diego and Sacramento will be off the mark by 4.2 miles.  In a life-or-death situation, I would want to be certain that my bearings were correct, lest I miss the mark.