Obtaining permits for a mine operation calls for a variety of technical and project management skills.

Permitting skills must include a working knowledge of regulations, permitting processes, environmental technologies, team management and mining operation requirements.  All are essential for meeting government information requirements, while assuring the mine operator does not face unreasonable conditions for permit approval.

EnviroMINE has substantial experience with the mine permitting process in the western U.S. and has managed the preparation and processing of permits for numerous mine proposals.  The firm considers the needs of the mine operator and the operational/environmental constraints that may be present when developing permit applications that satisfy government concerns.  We have successfully negotiated permit conditions for a range of operational and environmental issues.  This hands-on approach ensures all permit conditions receive careful consideration and help reduce the cost of unnecessary permit conditions.

The firm’s experience in permitting is imperative during negotiations with government agencies, and provides the operator with an advantage that cannot be duplicated with just a general knowledge of environmental and permitting processes alone.

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