Mine and reclamation planning requires a thorough understanding of the mining process, and the environmental and regulatory factors involved with returning a mining site to a useful purpose following resource depletion.

EnviroMINE is capable of rapidly adjusting to the demands of individual project requirements because of our experience inpreparing mining and reclamation plans for mines throughout the Western United States.  This experience has allowed us to work directly with a variety of production and reclamation methods used for different minerals and environmental conditions.

Mine planning requires knowledge of equipment capabilities, mining methods and operational economics.  EnviroMINE has acquired these capabilities through the analysis of various mine operating scenarios, matching equipment to job requirements, and front line supervision of equipment and blasting operations.  These skills ensures the highest possible recovery of resources at the lowest cost.

Effective reclamation planning entails a complete understanding of the mining process and the ability to take advantage of site opportunities in developing a plan for the post-mining land use.  EnviroMINE’s approach is to develop plans that not only meet legal requirements, but also consider ways for the land to serve as a continuing source of profit after mining.  The firm knows the physical constraints of the mining operation and structures reclamation plan objectives to meet those requirements.

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