Reclamation cost estimates are required in order to determine the total financial assurance requirement for a given mining site.

The majority of mine regulations require each mining operation to provide financial assurance to ensure the reclamation is performed in accordance with the approved reclamation plan.  Financial assurances must be adjusted annually.  Developing an adequate cost estimate is a complex undertaking demanding experience with the estimation and implementation of reclamation plan requirements.  Detailed knowledge of mining methods, demolition, and reclamation is an important first step in this process.

EnviroMINE prepared the reclamation cost estimating procedures adopted by the California State Mining and Geology Board as the standard procedures for all mining projects.  The guidelines have standardized estimating procedures for the government and industry, as well as reducing conjecture, thereby offering simple solutions for developing accurate cost estimates.

The EnviroMINE team has prepared financial assurance cost estimates for mining sites in several western states and for submittal to many regulatory agencies including federal, states, cities, counties, and water districts. EnviroMINE distinguishes itself through its staff’s hands-on role with planning and management of reclamation efforts which allows EnviroMINE to accurately forecast reclamation costs.