An Economic Benefit Analysis measures the economic impact on a region from a proposal for a new or expanded project, or loss of a project. 

The analysis is commonly known as an Economic Impact Report.  It measures the total economic impact from new revenue, earnings and jobs.  The report uses published multipliers to estimate the project's direct benefits (i.e., new jobs at the quarry) and indirect benefits (i.e., jobs created in related industries).  EnviroMINE’s analysis includes the estimated tax revenue benefit generated from the project.

It is essential in the permitting process to show decision makers the benefits a project will have on a region (e.g., new revenue, wages, jobs and taxes).  Alternatively, the report may be used to illustrate the economic impact on a region if a quarry were to close.

Construction aggregate operations provide well-paying jobs and taxes for local communities.  Therefore, decision makers must understand the economic benefit these operations have on a region.  An Economic Impact Report is a valuable tool in a project’s public relations endeavor.

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