Interim Management Plans (IMP) establish actions required on site during periods of temporary closure, seasonal closure or significantly reduced production.

Although IMPs are not unique to California,  the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) states: “Within 90 days of a surface mining operation becoming idle, as defined in Section 2727.1, the operator is required to submit to the lead agency for review and approval an Interim Management Plan (IMP).”  Once approved, the IMP may remain in effect for a period of five years at which time the Plan can be renewed by the Lead Agency for anotherfive year period, or the operator shall be required to commence reclamation.  The review of an IMP is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and at any time during the effective period of the IMP, operations may resume without notice to the lead agency.  However, if an IMP is not prepared within 90 days of the operation becoming idle, or an existing IMP is not renewed,  the site will be considered abandoned and the operator will be required to complete reclamation.

EnviroMINE prepares Interim Management Plans for mining sites throughout the Western United States. The firm’s staff plays a hands-on role with compliance reviews and reclamation efforts, allowing for the preparation of IMPs that effectively stabilize idle mining operations while maintaining public safety.  EnviroMINE also works closely with licensed professionals to determine which measures are the most appropriate and cost-effective for containing storm water runoff and preventing erosion during idle periods.  The firm also utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to provide map exhibits to support the written document.  The EnviroMINE team strives to gain approval of these documents in a way that is cost-effective for clients.