City of San Diego Offers Real-Time Online Permit Tracking

The Development Services Department (DSD) of the City of San Diego recently launched its new web-based Project Tracking System (PTS). The public’s online portal to this system is called OpenDSD.

According to the City’s website, it “is committed to serving the public and improving how information is provided to its citizens.”

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Changes: What it means for California Mine Operators

On July 1, 2015, new stormwater rules go into effect for California Industrial General Permit (IGP) holders.

These changes affect all California dischargers (including mine sites). Every site will need to re-register for an IGP in order to continue coverage under the Notice of Intent (NOI). This means each site must also submit an updated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and a Monitoring Implementation Plan (MIP) before the July 2015 deadline.

Do Reclamation Plans Expire?

I am frequently faced with requests from lead agencies to prepare a new reclamation plan for a mining project because the plan has expired.  This causes me some pause because there is no requirement in SMARA or the implementing regulations that specifically regulate time limits for a reclamation plan.  It seems pretty clear to me that a reclamation plan would expire when mining has been completed and the site determined to be reclaimed by the lead agency and Department of Conservation and the financial assurance is returned.  Beyond this, is there a statutory or regulatory mandate establishing time limits for reclamation plans?