Mineral Resources

Mineral Resource Conservation: SMARA’s Second Leg

California became a state because of its mineral wealth. People from around the world flocked to the gold fields of central California and turned over the earth in the promise of riches to come. Small towns sprouted up and a continuous stream of people flowed into the state. The gold rush lasted a few years and, what had been a geographically isolated area on the west coast of North America, was suddenly home to 300,000 residents.

CA Environmental Goals and Policy Report Lacks Mention of Mineral Resources

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) released its draft of the California’s Climate Future – The Governor’s Environmental Goals and Policy Report (EGPR) for public comment. 

The report considers the state’s future in the context of a changing climate and a population that is projected to grow to 50 million residents by middle of this century. The discussion draft provides a vision of the state’s future and a broad overview of the state’s programs and policies to achieve that vision. (OPR)